Brand  Wersi
Location of the manufacturer  Germany
Model  Wega DX 600 CD
Serial number -
Date of construction  ca 1985 
Type  Concert model
Dimension 53.5"/45.75"/26.75"
Manuals Choice of 2 x 4 octave (49 notes each). Touch sensitivity on both manuals. Touch vibrato, after touch (upper), variable split point on lower.

Choice of 13 note pedalboard.

Amplifier/ Speakers  2 X 70 Watt / Internal
Additional effects Piano Group: Piano, Harpsichord, Banjo, etc. Rotary Speaker/String Orchestra effect: WersiVoice unit Spring Reverb
Additional units -
Sound Generation IFully digital Wersi DMS authentic sound (waveform sampling) up to 6 waves per voice 32 voice generators, 64 waves, 64 envelopes, polyphonic.
All 64 components may be individually routed and processed (VCF, Wersivoice, Stereo channelling etc.,)
Voices : Authentic instruments. Natural sounds with best sampling quality. Up to 6 waves per voice. Up to 30 samples per voice for optimum reproduction to original instrument.  Adjustable in volume, dynamic and brilliance.
TDrawbar System 2 separate drawbar systems. Traditional tonewheel sound and Helios sound. Both systems playable "bright" or "normal".Combinations using both drawbar systems. 9 and 10 pitches available on drawbars (32 internally). All pitches of percussion available. Keyclick switchable separately to each keyboard. Preset drawbar patterns - freely programmable.
Upper keyboard Up to 3 voices mixed (e.g the legendary "double-string orchestra" of the Wersi Galaxy.
Lower Keyboard Up to 2 voices mixable
Pedals Up to 2 voices mixable
Acc. Orchestra Any voices may be selected.
Voice Control

Total presets (TP) Total registration of the instrument accomplished at the press of a single button. The TP registration for the upper keyboard may be changed without altering lower keyboard or pedals. All voices playable on all keyboards, pedals and accompaniment orchestra.

Voice Memory Without external memory = up to 150 voices for Organ, 67 Rhythm instruments and variations
Memory Card System

Memory card allows unlimited external storage or :- Voices = Total presets = Rhythms = Accompaniments = Sequences.


2 built-in Wersivoice, freely assignable. Also software simulated "Leslie" voices .

Wersimatic Rhythm Unit & Accompaniment

16 Bit technology (CD technique), 67 sampled instrument voices (expandable to 256 as new ICs are developed). 128 Steps or volume may be programmed for each instrument - each time it is struck. Timpani (Kettle Drum) on pedals.

Programmable rhythm length up to 256 bars (song mode). Intro, break, fill, ending - all freely programmable. Accompaniment (freely programmable) - up to 4 polyphonic voices. Tempomat :- Preset tempo may be stored for each rhythm.


Synch : Send, receive synch functions. MIDI master functions. Parallel send - receive availability. 16 MIDI channels )one reserved for rhythms). MIDI number can be assigned to each registration switch


HI-FI Stereo amplifier of 2 x 100 watts 7 channel output. separate microphone pre-amplifier input.

Special Features

Direct connections between upper and lower sections of cabinet. Chorus effect for upper and lower keyboards and pedals. Octave pitch-bend for upper keyboard. Stereo digital reverberation. 3 degrees of real-time sustain. Various functions may be allocated to foot switches (sustain, rhythm start/stop etc.,), transposer with real-time setting, Wersichord (AOC), 80 character LCD Display.

Price (payed/ worth) -
De Wersi Wega DX CD 600 is de kleinere uitvoering van de Spectra DX CD 700, Zij heeft een 13 tonig pedaal en 4 octaaf klavieren. Het orgel kan wel worden uitgebreid naar volpedaal en 5 octaafs klavieren. Verdere upgrade opties zoals de Livestyle en de Gigatower zij ook mogelijk.

Features Wersi Wega CD 600

De Wersi Wega CD 600 kan in  een later  stadium  andere specificaties bezitten, doordat diverse uitbouwpakket  werden geleverd, zoals de Livestyle en de Gigatower.
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